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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: unintelligibly
Перевод на русский: расшибать (Обр.пер.- hurt);корчевание (Обр.пер.- rooting out)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: To damage an object means to break it, spoil it physically, or stop it from working properly. (Ex.: He maliciously damaged a car with a baseball bat... The sun can damage your skin.); To damage something means to cause it to become less good, pleasant, or successful. (Ex.: Jackson doesn’t want to damage his reputation as a political personality...); Damage is physical harm that is caused to an object. (Ex.: The blast caused extensive damage to the house... Many professional boxers end their careers with brain damage.); Damage consists of the unpleasant effects that something has on a person, situation, or type of activity. (Ex.: Incidents of this type cause irreparable damage to relations with the community...); If a court of law awards damages to someone, it orders money to be paid to them by a person who has damaged their reputation or property, or who has injured them. (Ex.: He was vindicated in court and damages were awarded.) A draught is a current of air that comes into a place in an undesirable way. (Ex.: Block draughts around doors and windows...); Draught beer is beer which is kept in barrels rather than bottles. (Ex.: Draught beer is available too.) Beer that is on draught is kept in and served from a barrel rather than a bottle. (Ex.: They drink bitter on draught in the local bar.); Draughts is a game for two people, played with 24 round pieces on a board. (Ex.: He was in the study playing draughts by the fire with Albert.); A draught is one of the round pieces which are used in the game of draughts.

Толкование слова на русском: БАК Тим (1891-1973) , один из организаторов КП Канады (1921), в 1929-62 генеральный секретарь, с 1962 председатель партии. ИРБИТ , город (с 1775) в Российской Федерации, Свердловская обл., при впадении р. Ирбит в р. Ница. Железнодорожная станция. 51,3 тыс. жителей (1991). Заводы: мотоциклов, автоприцепов, технического стекла, химико-фармацевтический. Театр. Краеведческий музей. Основан в 1633.

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