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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: sycamine
Перевод на русский: упаковочный материал

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: A flash is a sudden burst of light or of something shiny or bright. (Ex.: A sudden flash of lightning lit everything up for a second... The wire snapped at the wall plug with a blue flash and the light fused... A jay emerged from the juniper bush in a flash of blue feathers.); If a light flashes or if you flash a light, it shines with a sudden bright light, especially as quick, regular flashes of light. (Ex.: Lightning flashed among the distant dark clouds... He lost his temper after a driver flashed her headlights as he overtook... He saw the flashing lights of the highway patrol car in his driving mirror.); You talk about a flash of something when you are saying that it happens very suddenly and unexpectedly. (Ex.: ‘What did Moira tell you?’ Liz demanded with a flash of anger... The essays could do with a flash of wit or humor.); If something flashes past or by, it moves past you so fast that you cannot see it properly. (Ex.: It was a busy road, cars flashed by every few minutes.); If something flashes through or into your mind, you suddenly think about it. (Ex.: A ludicrous thought flashed through Harry’s mind...); If you flash something such as an identity card, you show it to people quickly and then put it away again. (Ex.: Halim flashed his official card, and managed to get hold of a soldier to guard the Land Rover.); If a picture or message flashes up on a screen, or if you flash it onto a screen, it is displayed there briefly or suddenly, and often repeatedly. (Ex.: The figures flash up on the scoreboard... The words ‘Good Luck’ were flashing on the screen... Researchers flash two groups of different letters onto a computer screen... The screen flashes a message: Try again... A list of items is repeatedly flashed up on the screen.); If you flash news or information to a place, you send it there quickly by computer, satellite, or other system. (Ex.: They had told their offices to flash the news as soon as it broke... This is, of course, international news and soon it was being flashed around the world.); If you flash a look or a smile at someone, you suddenly look at them or smile at them. (Ex.: I flashed a look at Sue... Meg flashed Cissie a grateful smile.); If someone’s eyes flash, they suddenly show a strong emotion, especially anger. (Ex.: Her dark eyes flashed and she spoke rapidly.); Flash is the use of special bulbs to give more light when taking a photograph. (Ex.: He was one of the first people to use high speed flash in bird photography.); A flash is the same as a flashlight. (Ex.: Stopping to rest, Pete shut off the flash.); If you describe something as flash, you mean that it looks expensive, fashionable, and new. (Ex.: ...a flash uptown restaurant... You can go for a ‘rostrum’ system, which sounds flash, but can be assembled quite cheaply.); If you describe an achievement or success as a flash in the pan, you mean that it is unlikely to be repeated and is not an indication of future achievements or success. (Ex.: People will be looking in to see how good we are now and whether our success has just been a flash in the pan.); If you say that something happens in a flash, you mean that it happens suddenly and lasts only a very short time. (Ex.: The answer had come to him in a flash... It was done in a flash.); If you say that someone reacts to something quick as a flash, you mean that they react to it extremely quickly. (Ex.: Quick as a flash, the man said, ‘I have to, don’t I?’) D is the fourth letter of the English alphabet.

Толкование слова на русском: ЦЮРУПИНСК (до 1928 Алешки) , город на Украине, Херсонская обл., в 9 км от ж.-д. ст. Цюрупинск, пристань на р. Конка (рукав Днепра). 26 тыс. жителей (1991). Целлюлозно-бумажные, маслодельные заводы и др. предприятия. Назван по имени А. Д. Цюрупы. Основан в 1784. СЕМЕНОВА Иулияка (Ульяна) Ларионовна (р . 1952), латвийская спортсменка (баскетбол). Заслуженный мастер спорта (1971). В 1968-81 выступала в составе команды ТТТ (Трамвайно-троллейбусный трест, Рига). Чемпионка Олимпийских игр (1976 и 1980), мира (1971 и 1975), Европы (1968-81) и СССР (1968-73, 1975-77, 1979-81). Одна из лучших центровых в истории женского мирового баскетбола.

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