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немецко русский словарь переводчик
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Изучаемое слово: stimulative
Перевод на русский: фонарик - карандаш

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you describe something such as a task or an activity as, for example, a difficult proposition or an attractive proposition, you mean that it is difficult or pleasant to do. (Ex.: Making easy money has always been an attractive proposition... Even among seasoned mountaineers Pinnacle Ridge is considered quite a tough proposition.); A proposition is a statement or an idea which people can consider or discuss to decide whether it is true. (Ex.: The proposition that democracies do not fight each other is based on a tiny historical sample.); In the United States, a proposition is a question or statement about an issue of public policy which appears on a voting paper so that people can vote for or against it. (Ex.: Vote Yes on Proposition 136, but No on Propositions 129, 133 and 134.); A proposition is an offer or a suggestion that someone makes to you, usually concerning some work or business that you might be able to do together. (Ex.: You came to see me at my office the other day with a business proposition...); If someone who you do not know very well propositions you, they suggest that you have sex with them. (Ex.: He had allegedly tried to proposition a colleague.) Proposition is also a noun. (Ex.: ...unwanted sexual propositions.) In football, if a player side-foots the ball, they kick it with the side of their foot. (Ex.: Currie sidefooted his first goal of the season.); Side-foot is also a noun. (Ex.: Anthony scored with a simple side-foot.)

Толкование слова на русском: ШТАЙН (Stein) Петер (р . 1937), немецкий театральный режиссер. С 1967 в театре (Бремен). В 1970 основал театр "Шаубюне" в Берлине. Постановки: "Мать" по М. Горькому (1970), "Оптимистическая трагедия" В. В. Вишневского (1972), "Дачники" М. Горького (1975), "Три сестры" А. П. Чехова (1985), "Орестея" Эсхила (1995, в Москве). МАНИПУР , штат на северо-востоке Индии. 22,4 тыс. км2. Население 1,8 млн. человек (1991). Адм. ц. - Импхал.

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