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немецко русский словарь переводчик
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Изучаемое слово: step
Перевод на русский: ['klaudi];//oxf;облачный (Обр.пер.- cloudy);непрозрачный (Обр.пер.- opaque);мутный (о жидкости);туманный (о мысли);путаный;затуманенный;неясный;хмурый;мрачный;с пятнами, прожилками;Syn: clouded, murky, obscure, dark

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Толкование слова на английском: Stocks are shares in the ownership of a company, or investments on which a fixed amount of interest will be paid. (Ex.: ...the buying and selling of stocks and shares...); A company’s stock is the amount of money which the company has through selling shares. (Ex.: Two years later, when Compaq went public, their stock was valued at $38 million...); If a shop stocks particular goods, it keeps a supply of them to sell. (Ex.: The shop stocks everything from cigarettes to recycled loo paper.); A shop’s stock is the total amount of goods which it has available to sell. (Ex.: We took the decision to withdraw a quantity of stock from sale.); If you stock something such as a cupboard, shelf, or room, you fill it with food or other things. (Ex.: I worked stocking shelves in a grocery store... Some families stocked their cellars with food and water... The kitchen cupboard was stocked with tins of soup.) Stock up means the same as stock. (Ex.: I had to stock the boat up with food... Start planning for Christmas now by stocking up the freezer with some festive dishes.); If you have a stock of things, you have a supply of them stored in a place ready to be used. (Ex.: Stocks of ammunition were running low.); The stock of something is the total amount of it that is available in a particular area. (Ex.: ...the stock of accommodation available to be rented.); If you are from a particular stock, you are descended from a particular group of people. (Ex.: We are both from working class stock.); Stock are cattle, sheep, pigs, or other animals which are kept by a farmer, usually ones which have been specially bred. (Ex.: I am carefully selecting the breeding stock...); A stock answer, expression, or way of doing something is one that is very commonly used, especially because people cannot be bothered to think of something new. (Ex.: My boss had a stock response–‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’...); Stock is a liquid, usually made by boiling meat, bones, or vegetables in water, that is used to give flavour to soups and sauces.; If goods are in stock, a shop has them available to sell. If they are out of stock, it does not. (Ex.: Check that your size is in stock... Lemon and lime juice were both temporarily out of stock.); If you take stock, you pause to think about all the aspects of a situation or event before deciding what to do next. (Ex.: It was time to take stock of the situation...) kHz is a written abbreviation for kilohertz. It is often written on radios beside a range of numbers to help you find a particular radio station.

Толкование слова на русском: ДИСФОНИЯ (от дис ... и греч. phone - звук, голос), расстройство голоса при заболеваниях гортани, перенапряжении голосового аппарата. Проявления: охриплость, фальцет, слабость голоса. САВЕЛЬЕВ Максимилиан Александрович (1884-1939) , политический деятель, академик АН СССР (1932). В 1921-31 заместитель заведующего Истпартом при ЦК ВКП(б). В 1928-30 директор Института В. И. Ленина. С 1932 председатель Президиума Коммунистической академии, с 1936 заместитель директора ИМЛ.

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