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Изучаемое слово: sprites
Перевод на русский: фестонный (Обр.пер.- scalloped)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: {discreet} If you catch a person or animal, you capture them after chasing them, or by using a trap, net, or other device. (Ex.: Police say they are confident of catching the gunman... Where did you catch the fish?... I wondered if it was an animal caught in a trap.); If you catch an object that is moving through the air, you seize it with your hands. (Ex.: I jumped up to catch a ball and fell over.) Catch is also a noun. (Ex.: He missed the catch and the match was lost.); If you catch a part of someone’s body, you take or seize it with your hand, often in order to stop them going somewhere. (Ex.: Liz caught his arm... He knelt beside her and caught her hand in both of his... Garrido caught her by the wrist.); If one thing catches another, it hits it accidentally or manages to hit it. (Ex.: The stinging slap almost caught his face... I may have caught him with my elbow but it was just an accident... He caught her on the side of her head with his other fist.); If something catches on or in an object or if an object catches something, it accidentally becomes attached to the object or stuck in it. (Ex.: Her ankle caught on a root, and she almost lost her balance... A man caught his foot in the lawnmower.); When you catch a bus, train, or plane, you get on it in order to travel somewhere. (Ex.: We were in plenty of time for Anthony to catch the ferry... He caught a taxi to Harrods.); If you catch someone doing something wrong, you see or find them doing it. (Ex.: He caught a youth breaking into a car... Three years ago my wife and I divorced. I caught her with her boss.); If you catch yourself doing something, especially something surprising, you suddenly become aware that you are doing it. (Ex.: I caught myself feeling almost sorry for poor Mr Laurence.); If you catch something or catch a glimpse of it, you notice it or manage to see it briefly. (Ex.: As she turned back she caught the puzzled look on her mother’s face... He caught a glimpse of the man’s face in a shop window.); If you catch something that someone has said, you manage to hear it. (Ex.: I do not believe I caught your name... The men out in the corridor were trying to catch what they said.); If you catch a TV or radio programme or an event, you manage to see or listen to it. (Ex.: Bill turns on the radio to catch the local news...); If you catch someone, you manage to contact or meet them to talk to them, especially when they are just about to go somewhere else. (Ex.: I dialled Elizabeth’s number thinking I might catch her before she left for work... Hello, Dolph. Glad I caught you.); If something or someone catches you by surprise or at a bad time, you were not expecting them or do not feel able to deal with them. (Ex.: She looked as if the photographer had caught her by surprise... I’m sorry but I just cannot say anything. You’ve caught me at a bad time... The sheer number of spectators has caught everyone unprepared.); If something catches your attention or your eye, you notice it or become interested in it. (Ex.: My shoes caught his attention... A quick movement across the aisle caught his eye.); If you are caught in a storm or other unpleasant situation, it happens when you cannot avoid its effects. (Ex.: When he was fishing off the island he was caught in a storm and almost drowned... Visitors to the area were caught between police and the rioters.); If you are caught between two alternatives or two people, you do not know which one to choose or follow. (Ex.: The Jordanian leader is caught between both sides in the dispute... She was caught between envy and admiration.); If you catch a cold or a disease, you become ill with it. (Ex.: The more stress you are under, the more likely you are to catch a cold.); To catch liquids or small pieces that fall from somewhere means to collect them in a container. (Ex.: ...a specially designed breadboard with a tray to catch the crumbs.); If something catches the light or if the light catches it, it reflects the light and looks bright or shiny. (Ex.: They saw the ship’s guns, catching the light of the moon... Often a fox goes across the road in front of me and I just catch it in the headlights.); A catch on a window, door, or container is a device that fastens it. (Ex.: She fiddled with the catch of her bag...); A catch is a hidden problem or difficulty in a plan or an offer that seems surprisingly good. (Ex.: The catch is that you work for your supper, and the food and accommodation can be very basic...); When people have been fishing, their catch is the total number of fish that they have caught. (Ex.: The catch included one fish over 18 pounds.); Catch is a game in which children throw a ball to each other.; Catch is a game in which one child chases other children and tries to touch or catch one of them.; You can say things such as ‘You wouldn’t catch me doing that’ to emphasize that you would never do a particular thing. (Ex.: You wouldn’t catch me in there, I can tell you.)

Толкование слова на русском: СКЛЕРОТОМ (от склеро ... и греч. tome - отрезок), зачаток осевого скелета у зародышей хордовых животных и человека. Развивается из внутренних частей сомита. У рыб склеротом дает начало и парным плавникам. ЛЕТУЧКА , крыловидный вырост или крупный волосок у семян или плодов многих растений (кипрея, ваточника и др.). Способствует их распространению ветром.

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