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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: solon
Перевод на русский: (общ.) полная нагрузка;(тех.) ёмкостная нагрузка

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you seize something, you take hold of it quickly, firmly, and forcefully. (Ex.: ‘Leigh,’ he said seizing my arm to hold me back. ...an otter seizing a fish.); When a group of people seize a place or seize control of it, they take control of it quickly and suddenly, using force. (Ex.: Troops have seized the airport and railroad terminals... Army officers plotted a failed attempt yesterday to seize power.); If a government or other authority seize someone’s property, they take it from them, often by force. (Ex.: Police were reported to have seized all copies of this morning’s edition of the newspaper...); When someone is seized, they are arrested or captured. (Ex.: UN officials say two military observers were seized by the Khmer Rouge yesterday... Men carrying sub-machine guns seized the five soldiers and drove them away.); When you seize an opportunity, you take advantage of it and do something that you want to do. (Ex.: During the riots hundreds of people seized the opportunity to steal property...) If a river or road meanders, it has a lot of bends, rather than going in a straight line from one place to another. (Ex.: ...roads that meandered round the edges of the fields... We crossed a small iron bridge over a meandering stream.); A meander is a large bend in a river.; If you meander somewhere, you move slowly and not in a straight line. (Ex.: We meandered through a landscape of mountains, rivers, and vineyards...); If a speech, account, or piece of writing meanders, it seems to move from one topic to another without any order or purpose. (Ex.: His talk appears to meander but by the end focuses attention on the true state of affairs. ...a rich and meandering novel.)

Толкование слова на русском: МАССЕЙС (Massys) Квинтен (1465 или 1466-1530) , нидерландский живописец. В религиозных и морализирующих жанровых композициях ("Меняла с женой", 1514) стремился сочетать художественные принципы нидерландского и итальянского Возрождения. СОЛОВЬЕВ Владимир Александрович (1907-78) , русский драматург. Пьеса в стихах на исторические темы: "Фельдмаршал Кутузов" (1939), драматическая дилогия "Великий государь" (1945) и "Царь Юрий" (поставлена 1966); пьесы на современные темы. Государственная премия СССР (1941, 1946).

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