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Изучаемое слово: searing
Перевод на русский: предположительно (Обр.пер.- admittedly)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: Found is the past tense and past participle of find.; When an institution, company, or organization is founded by someone or by a group of people, they get it started, often by providing the necessary money. (Ex.: The Independent Labour Party was founded in Bradford on January 13, 1893... He founded the Centre for Journalism Studies at University College Cardiff... The business, founded by Dawn and Nigel, suffered financial setbacks.); When a town, important building, or other place is founded by someone or by a group of people, they cause it to be built. (Ex.: The town was founded in 1610.) Land is an area of ground, especially one that is used for a particular purpose such as farming or building. (Ex.: Good agricultural land is in short supply. ...160 acres of land. ...a small piece of grazing land.); You can refer to an area of land which someone owns as their land or their lands. (Ex.: Their home is on his father’s land... His lands were poorly farmed.); If you talk about the land, you mean farming and the way of life in farming areas, in contrast to life in the cities. (Ex.: Living off the land was hard enough at the best of times.); Land is the part of the world that consists of ground, rather than sea or air. (Ex.: It isn’t clear whether the plane went down over land or sea. ...a stretch of sandy beach that was almost inaccessible from the land.); You can use land to refer to a country in a poetic or emotional way. (Ex.: ...America, land of opportunity.); When someone or something lands, they come down to the ground after moving through the air or falling. (Ex.: Three mortar shells had landed close to a crowd of people.); When someone lands a plane, ship, or spacecraft, or when it lands, it arrives somewhere after a journey. (Ex.: The jet landed after a flight of just under three hours... The crew finally landed the plane on its belly on the soft part of the runway.); To land goods somewhere means to unload them there at the end of a journey, especially by ship. (Ex.: The vessels will have to land their catch at designated ports.); If you land in an unpleasant situation or place or if something lands you in it, something causes you to be in it. (Ex.: He landed in a psychiatric ward... This is not the first time his exploits have landed him in trouble.); If someone or something lands you with a difficult situation, they cause you to have to deal with the difficulties involved. (Ex.: The other options simply complicate the situation and could land him with more expense.); If something lands somewhere, it arrives there unexpectedly, often causing problems. (Ex.: Two days later the book had already landed on his desk...); If you land something that is difficult to get and that many people want, you are successful in getting it. (Ex.: He landed a place on the graduate training scheme... His flair with hair soon landed him a part-time job at his local barbers.)

Толкование слова на русском: КАМАРГ (Camargue) , природный резерват во Франции, в дельте Роны. Основан в 1928. Площадь 13 500 га. Острова, протоки, мелководья, солончаковые луга, болота. Места массовых зимовок европейских уток, гнездовья фламинго. ГРАПТОЛИТЫ , подтип вымерших колониальных полухордовых животных. Жили от кембрия до карбона в морях на дне или в толще воды; подвижные и прикрепленные формы. Руководящие ископаемые.

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