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Изучаемое слово: saxophone
Перевод на русский: слева от него

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: Shot is the past tense and past participle of shoot.; A shot is an act of firing a gun. (Ex.: He had murdered Perceval at point blank range with a single shot... A man fired a volley of shots at them.); Someone who is a good shot can shoot well. Someone who is a bad shot cannot shoot well. (Ex.: He was not a particularly good shot because of his eyesight.); In sports such as football, golf, or tennis, a shot is an act of kicking, hitting, or throwing the ball, especially in an attempt to score a point. (Ex.: He had only one shot at goal.); A shot is a photograph or a particular sequence of pictures in a film. (Ex.: ...a shot of a fox peering from the bushes...); If you have a shot at something, you attempt to do it. (Ex.: The heavyweight champion will be given a shot at Holyfield’s world title.); A shot of a drug is an injection of it. (Ex.: He administered a shot of Nembutal.); A shot of a strong alcoholic drink is a small glass of it. (Ex.: ...a shot of vodka.); If you give something your best shot, you do it as well as you possibly can. (Ex.: I don’t expect to win. But I am going to give it my best shot.); The person who calls the shots is in a position to tell others what to do. (Ex.: The directors call the shots and nothing happens without their say-so.); If you do something like a shot, you do it without any delay or hesitation. (Ex.: I heard the key turn in the front door and I was out of bed like a shot...); If you describe something as a long shot, you mean that it is unlikely to succeed, but is worth trying. (Ex.: The deal was a long shot, but Bagley had little to lose...); People sometimes use the expression by a long shot to emphasize the opinion they are giving. (Ex.: The missile-reduction treaty makes sweeping cuts, but the arms race isn’t over by a long shot.); If something is shot through with an element or feature, it contains a lot of that element or feature. (Ex.: This is an argument shot through with inconsistency.) Note: The form 'pike' is often used as the plural for meaning 1.; A pike is a large fish that lives in rivers and lakes and eats other fish. Pike is this fish eaten as food.; In former times, a pike was a weapon consisting of a pointed blade on the end of a long pole.; When something comes down the pike, it happens or occurs. (Ex.: There have been threats to veto any legislation that comes down the pike.)

Толкование слова на русском: ГЛУБОКОЕ , озеро на восточной окраине плато Путорана. Площадь 136 км2, средняя глубина 16 м. Вытекает р. Глубокая (бас. р. Пясина). ЯЛУЦЗЯН , Ялу (кит.), Амноккан (кор.), река, пограничная между Китаем и КНДР. 813 км, площадь бассейна 63 тыс. км2. Начало на склонах вулкана Пэктусан, течет в глубокой долине между Северно-Корейскими и Восточно-Маньчжурскими горами, впадает в Желтое м. Средний расход воды ок. 900 м3/с. Водохранилища, гидроэлектростанция. Близ устья Ялуцзян - города Синыйджу (КНДР), Даньдун (Аньдун; Китай).

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