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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: sagging
Перевод на русский: сумасброд (Обр.пер.- madman)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: The niceties of a situation are its details, especially with regard to good manners or the appropriate behaviour for that situation. (Ex.: By the end of term, girls will have learnt the niceties of dinner party conversation... He wasted no time with social niceties.) A calm person does not show or feel any worry, anger, or excitement. (Ex.: She is usually a calm and diplomatic woman... Try to keep calm and just tell me what happened... She sighed, then continued in a soft, calm voice...) Calm is also a noun. (Ex.: He felt a sudden sense of calm, of contentment.); If you calm someone, you do something to make them feel less angry, worried, or excited. (Ex.: She was breathing quickly and tried to calm herself... Some people say smoking calms your nerves.); Calm is used to refer to a quiet, still, or peaceful atmosphere in a place. (Ex.: ...the rural calm of Grand Rapids, Michigan.); If someone says that a place is calm, they mean that it is free from fighting or public disorder, when trouble has recently occurred there or had been expected. (Ex.: The city of Sarajevo appears relatively calm today. Community and church leaders have appealed for calm and no retaliation...); To calm a situation means to reduce the amount of trouble, violence, or panic there is. (Ex.: Mr Beazer tried to calm the protests by promising to keep the company’s base in Pittsburgh.); If the sea or a lake is calm, the water is not moving very much and there are no big waves. (Ex.: ...as we slid into the calm waters of Cowes Harbour.); Calm weather is pleasant weather with little or no wind. (Ex.: Tuesday was a fine, clear and calm day.); In sailing, a flat calm or a dead calm is a condition of the sea or the weather in which there is very little wind or movement of the water.; When the sea calms, it becomes still because the wind stops blowing strongly. When the wind calms, it stops blowing strongly. (Ex.: Dawn came, the sea calmed but the cold was as bitter as ever.); You can use the calm before the storm to refer to a quiet period in which there is little or no activity, before a period in which there is a lot of trouble or intense activity.

Толкование слова на русском: МЕТЕОРИТНЫЙ КРАТЕР , чашеобразное углубление в грунте с валом на краях, возникающее в месте падения крупного метеорита. ВИНОГРАДАРСТВО , отрасль растениеводства, занимающаяся выращиванием винограда. Виноградарство развито в Испании, Италии, Франции, Аргентине, США, Азербайджане, Грузии, Молдове, на Украине, в Российской Федерации и др.

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