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Изучаемое слово: rough-dry
Перевод на русский: страховая компания

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you describe something as unwarranted, you are critical of it because there is no need or reason for it. (Ex.: Any attempt to discuss the issue of human rights was rejected as an unwarranted interference in the country’s internal affairs... He accused the police of using unwarranted brutality.) If you add one thing to another, you put it in or on the other thing, to increase, complete, or improve it. (Ex.: Add the grated cheese to the sauce... Since 1908, chlorine has been added to drinking water... He wants to add a huge sports complex to Binfield Manor.); If you add numbers or amounts together, you calculate their total. (Ex.: Banks add all the interest and other charges together... Two and three added together are five. More than a quarter of seven year-olds cannot add up properly... We just added all the numbers up and divided one by the other... He said the numbers simply did not add up.); If one thing adds to another, it makes the other thing greater in degree or amount. (Ex.: This latest incident will add to the pressure on the government...); To add a particular quality to something means to cause it to have that quality. (Ex.: The generous amount of garlic adds flavour... Pictures add interest to plain painted walls.); If you add something when you are speaking, you say something more. (Ex.: ‘You can tell that he is extremely embarrassed,’ Mr Brigden added... The President agreed, adding that he hoped for a peaceful solution.)

Толкование слова на русском: САН-ФРАНЦИСКО (San Francisco) , залив Тихого ок., у берегов США. Соединяется с океаном прол. Золотые Ворота. Длина 88 км, ширина 20 км. Глубина от 2-5 до 19 м. На западном берегу - г. Сан-Франциско, на восточном - гг. Окленд, Беркли, Ричмонд. РЫЖИКОВ Константин Минаевич (1912-83) , российский гельминтолог, член-корреспондент АН СССР (1964). Труды по биологии и систематике гельминтов домашних и охотничье-промысловых животных.

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