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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: refutation
Перевод на русский: упорядоченная совокупность

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If someone is weak, they are not healthy or do not have good muscles, so that they cannot move quickly or carry heavy things. (Ex.: I was too weak to move or think or speak... His arms and legs were weak.); If someone has an organ or sense that is weak, it is not very effective or powerful, or is likely to fail. (Ex.: Until the beating, Cantanco’s eyesight had been weak, but adequate... She tired easily and had a weak heart.); If you describe someone as weak, you mean that they are not very confident or determined, so that they are often frightened or worried, or easily influenced by other people. (Ex.: You have been conditioned to believe that it is weak to be scared.); If you describe someone’s voice or smile as weak, you mean that it not very loud or big, suggesting that the person lacks confidence, enthusiasm, or physical strength. (Ex.: His weak voice was almost inaudible...); If an object or surface is weak, it breaks easily and cannot support a lot of weight or resist a lot of strain. (Ex.: The owner said the bird may have escaped through a weak spot in the aviary... Swimming is helpful for bones that are porous and weak.); A weak physical force does not have much power or intensity. (Ex.: The molecules in regular liquids are held together by relatively weak bonds...); If individuals or groups are weak, they do not have any power or influence. (Ex.: The council was too weak to do anything about it. He voiced his solidarity with the weak and defenceless.); A weak government or leader does not have much control, and is not prepared or able to act firmly or severely. (Ex.: The changes come after mounting criticism that the government is weak and indecisive... The chief editorial writer also blames weak leadership for the current crisis.); If you describe something such a country’s currency, economy, industry, or government as weak, you mean that it is not successful, and may be likely to fail or collapse. (Ex.: The weak dollar means American goods are relative bargains for foreigners...); If something such as an argument or case is weak, it is not convincing or there is little evidence to support it. (Ex.: Do you think the prosecution made any particular errors, or did they just have a weak case?...); A weak drink, chemical, or drug contains very little of a particular substance, for example because a lot of water has been added to it. (Ex.: ...a cup of weak tea... ...a very weak bleach solution.); Your weak points are the qualities or talents you do not possess, or the things you are not very good at. (Ex.: Geography was my weak subject... His short stories tend to be weak on plot.) An epicure is someone who enjoys eating food that is of very good quality, especially unusual or rare food.

Толкование слова на русском: ВЕНГРЫ (самоназвание - мадьяр) , народ, основное население Венгрии (св. 9,95 млн. человек). Живут также в Румынии (1,86 млн. человек), Словакии (580 тыс. человек), Югославии (400 тыс. человек), США (600 тыс. человек), Канаде (120 тыс. человек). Общая численность 13,84 млн. человек (1992). Язык венгерский. Верующие в основном католики. ДРУЖИНИНА Светлана Сергеевна (р . 1936), российская актриса, кинорежиссер, заслуженный деятель искусств Российской Федерации. В кино с 1956. Снималась в фильмах: "Дело было в Пенькове" (1958), "Девчата" (1963), "Одиночество" (1965) и др. Как режиссер поставила фильмы: "Исполнение желаний" (1974), "Сватовство гусара" (1979), "Дульсинея Тобосская" (телефильм, 1981), "Принцесса цирка" (телефильм, 1982), а также ставший популярным телесериал "Гардемарины, вперед!" и его продолжение.

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