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Изучаемое слово: re-create
Перевод на русский: [ba:'l?:?de'sei];(фр.) пробный шар

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: Something that is thin is much narrower than it is long. (Ex.: A thin cable carries the signal to a computer... James’s face was thin, finely boned, and sensitive.); A person or animal that is thin has no extra fat on their body . (Ex.: He was a tall, thin man with grey hair...); Something such as paper or cloth that is thin is flat and has only a very small distance between its two opposite surfaces. (Ex.: ...a small, blue-bound book printed in fine type on thin paper...); Liquids that are thin are weak and watery. (Ex.: The soup was thin and clear, yet mysteriously rich...); A crowd or audience that is thin does not have many people in it. (Ex.: The crowd, which had been thin for the first half of the race, had now grown considerably.); Thin clothes are made from light cloth and are not warm to wear. (Ex.: Her gown was thin, and she shivered, partly from cold.); If you describe an argument or explanation as thin, you mean that it is weak and difficult to believe. (Ex.: However, the evidence is thin and, to some extent, ambiguous...); If someone’s hair is described as thin, they do not have a lot of hair. (Ex.: She had pale thin yellow hair she pulled back into a bun.); When you thin something or when it thins, it becomes less crowded because people or things have been removed from it. (Ex.: It would have been better to have thinned the trees over several winters rather than all at one time... By midnight the crowd had thinned.) Thin out means the same as thin. (Ex.: NATO will continue to thin out its forces... When the crowd began to thin out, I realized that most of the food was still there...); To thin a sauce or liquid means to make it weaker and more watery by adding another liquid to it. (Ex.: It may be necessary to thin the sauce slightly...) Thin down means the same as thin. (Ex.: Thin down your mayonnaise with soured cream or natural yoghurt.); If a man’s hair is thinning, it has begun to fall out. (Ex.: His hair is thinning and his skin has lost all hint of youth.); If someone’s patience, for example, is wearing thin, they are beginning to become impatient or angry with someone. (Ex.: Parliament has not yet begun to combat the deepening economic crisis, and public patience is wearing thin.) A fishy taste or smell reminds you of fish.; If you describe a situation as fishy, you feel that someone is not telling the truth or behaving completely honestly. (Ex.: There seems to be something fishy going on.)

Толкование слова на русском: ГОЛУБОЙ КИТ (блювал , синий кит), морское млекопитающее семейства полосатиков. Длина до 33 м, весит до 150 т (самое крупное когда-либо жившее млекопитающее). Окраска тела темно-серая с голубоватым оттенком. Был распространен от Арктики до Антарктики. Почти истреблен. Промысел запрещен. В Красной книге МСОП. СУБСТРАТ (от средневекового лат . substratum - подстилка, основа), в биологии,1) химическое вещество, подвергающееся превращению под действием фермента. Концентрация субстрата в клетке оказывает регулирующее влияние на активность фермента.2) Основа (предмет или вещество), к которой прикреплены животные или растительные организмы, а также среда постоянного обитания и развития организмов, напр. питательная среда для микроорганизмов.

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