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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык вместе)

Изучаемое английское слово: polarity

Краткий перевод нового слова на русский язык: рабочее давление

Этот текст может быть неправильным. Это из-за того, что точность любого перевода определяется контентом вашего текста. Каждый раз мы настоятельно рекомендуем применять варианты перевода здраво отталкиваясь от вашего текста. Если у вас появятся проблемы с качеством перевода, рекомендуем обратиться к переводчику, либо же использовать программы статистического перевода.

Ассоциированное со словом изображение:

учим слово polarity

Толкование изучаемого слова на английском: A task is an activity or piece of work which you have to do, usually as part of a larger project. (Ex.: She used the day to catch up with administrative tasks.); If you are tasked with doing a particular activity or piece of work, someone in authority asks you to do it. (Ex.: The minister was tasked with checking that British aid money was being spent wisely.); If you take someone to task, you criticize them or tell them off because of something bad or wrong that they have done. (Ex.: The country’s intellectuals are also being taken to task for their failure to speak out against the regime.) If you refer to the whole of something, you mean all of it. (Ex.: He has said he will make an apology to the whole of Asia for his country’s past behaviour... I was cold throughout the whole of my body. ...the whole of August.) Whole is also an adjective. (Ex.: He’d been observing her the whole trip... We spent the whole summer in Italy that year.); A whole is a single thing which contains several different parts. (Ex.: An atom itself is a complete whole, with its electrons, protons and neutrons and other elements...); If something is whole, it is in one piece and is not broken or damaged. (Ex.: I struck the glass with my fist with all my might; yet it remained whole... Small bones should be avoided as the dog may swallow them whole and risk internal injury.); You use whole to emphasize what you are saying. (Ex.: It was like seeing a whole different side of somebody... His father had helped invent a whole new way of doing business. That saved me a whole bunch of money...); If you refer to something as a whole, you are referring to it generally and as a single unit. (Ex.: He described the move as a victory for the people of South Africa as a whole... As a whole we do not eat enough fibre in Britain.); You use on the whole to indicate that what you are saying is true in general but may not be true in every case, or that you are giving a general opinion or summary of something. (Ex.: On the whole, people miss the opportunity to enjoy leisure...)

Толкование нового слова на русском: ХОЛЕРА (греч . cholera), карантинное заболевание человека (понос, рвота, обезвоживание организма, судороги), вызываемое холерным вибрионом. Заражение от больного (вибриононосителя) через воду, пищу, грязные руки. ТУНИКА ,..1) периферическая часть конуса нарастания побега цветковых растений; состоит из одного или нескольких слоев клеток меристемы, делящихся в основном перпендикулярно поверхности конуса...2) У многих оболочников - периферические слои кожных покровов, защищающие внутренние органы.

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