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Изучаемое слово: monastic
Перевод на русский: воплощение (Обр.пер.- incarnation)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you kick someone or something, you hit them forcefully with your foot. (Ex.: He kicked the door hard... He threw me to the ground and started to kick... He escaped by kicking open the window... The fiery actress kicked him in the shins... An ostrich can kick a man to death.) Kick is also a noun. (Ex.: He suffered a kick to the knee.); When you kick a ball or other object, you hit it with your foot so that it moves through the air. (Ex.: I went to kick the ball and I completely missed it... He kicked the ball away... A furious player kicked his racket into the grandstand.) Kick is also a noun. (Ex.: Schmeichel swooped to save the first kick from Borisov.); If you kick or if you kick your legs, you move your legs with very quick, small, and forceful movements, once or repeatedly. (Ex.: They were dragged away struggling and kicking... First he kicked the left leg, then he kicked the right... He kicked his feet away from the window.) Kick out means the same as kick. (Ex.: As its rider tried to free it, the horse kicked out.); If you kick your legs, you lift your legs up very high one after the other, for example when you are dancing. (Ex.: He was kicking his legs like a Can Can dancer... She begins dancing, kicking her legs high in the air.); If you kick a habit, you stop doing something that is bad for you and that you find difficult to stop doing. (Ex.: She’s kicked her drug habit and learned that her life has value...); If something gives you a kick, it makes you feel very excited or very happy for a short period of time. (Ex.: I got a kick out of seeing my name in print.); If you say that someone kicks you when you are down, you think they are behaving unfairly because they are attacking you when you are in a weak position. (Ex.: In the end I just couldn’t kick Jimmy when he was down.); If you say that someone does something for kicks, you mean that they do it because they think it will be exciting. (Ex.: They made a few small bets for kicks.); If you say that someone is dragged kicking and screaming into a particular course of action, you are emphasizing that they are very unwilling to do what they are being made to do. (Ex.: He had to be dragged kicking and screaming into action.); If you describe an event as a kick in the teeth, you are emphasizing that it is very disappointing and upsetting. (Ex.: We’ve been struggling for years and it’s a real kick in the teeth to see a new band make it ahead of us.); You use kick yourself in expressions such as I could have kicked myself and you’re going to kick yourself to indicate that you were annoyed or are going to be annoyed that you got something wrong. (Ex.: I was still kicking myself for not paying attention...) If something amuses you, it makes you want to laugh or smile. (Ex.: The thought seemed to amuse him... Their antics never fail to amuse.); If you amuse yourself, you do something in order to pass the time and not become bored. (Ex.: I need distractions. I need to amuse myself so I won’t keep thinking about things... Put a selection of baby toys in his cot to amuse him if he wakes early.)

Толкование слова на русском: ВОРОНОВ Николай Павлович (р . 1926), русский писатель. В повестях и рассказах (сборники "Весенней порой", 1955, "Бег в ночи", 1965, "Человек-эхо", 1985), романах "Юность в Железнодольске" (1968), "Макушка лета" (1976) - жизнь рабочих и современного города. Роман-антиутопия "САМ" (1988). БЗНС , см. Болгарский земледельческий народный союз.

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