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Изучаемое слово: internal
Перевод на русский: прочность (Обр.пер.- durability)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: Note: The spelling 'prise' is also used in British English for meanings 5 and 6.; A prize is money or something valuable that is given to someone who has the best results in a competition or game, or as a reward for doing good work. (Ex.: You must claim your prize by telephoning our claims line... He won first prize at the Leeds Piano Competition... They were going all out for the prize-money, ?6,500 for the winning team.); You use prize to describe things that are of such good quality that they win prizes or deserve to win prizes. (Ex.: ...a prize bull. ...prize blooms.); You can refer to someone or something as a prize when people consider them to be of great value or importance. (Ex.: With no lands of his own, he was no great matrimonial prize.); Something that is prized is wanted and admired because it is considered to be very valuable or very good quality. (Ex.: Military figures, made out of lead are prized by collectors... One of the gallery’s most prized possessions is the portrait of Ginevra da Vinci.); If you prize something open or prize it away from a surface, you force it to open or force it to come away from the surface. (Ex.: He tried to prize the dog’s mouth open... I prised off the metal rim surrounding one of the dials... He held on tight but she prised it from his fingers.); If you prize something such as information out of someone, you persuade them to tell you although they may be very unwilling to. (Ex.: Alison and I had to prize conversation out of him.) A yachtswoman is a woman who sails a yacht.

Толкование слова на русском: ШИШКО Сергей Федорович (р . 1911), украинский живописец, народный художник СССР (1974). Лирические пейзажи ("Новый Киев", 1960; "Киевская даль", 1974). МИРОНОВ Валерий Иванович (р . 1943), генерал-полковник (1991). В 1986-88 командующий танковой армией. С 1991 командующий войсками Прибалтийского ВО (с ноября 1991 - Северо-Зап. группой войск). С 1992 заместитель министра обороны Российской Федерации.

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