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Изучаемое слово: hornrimmed
Перевод на русский: фут (Обр.пер.- ft)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you talk about the condition of a person or thing, you are talking about the state that they are in, especially how good or bad their physical state is. (Ex.: He remains in a critical condition in a California hospital... The two-bedroom chalet is in good condition... You can’t drive in that condition.); The conditions under which something is done or happens are all the factors or circumstances which directly affect it. (Ex.: This change has been timed under laboratory conditions... The mild winter has created the ideal conditions for an ant population explosion.); The conditions in which people live or work are the factors which affect their comfort, safety, or health. (Ex.: People are living in appalling conditions... He could not work in these conditions any longer...); A condition is something which must happen or be done in order for something else to be possible, especially when this is written into a contract or law. (Ex.: ...economic targets set as a condition for loan payments. ...terms and conditions of employment... Egypt had agreed to a summit subject to certain conditions.); If someone has a particular condition, they have an illness or other medical problem. (Ex.: Doctors suspect he may have a heart condition.); If someone is conditioned by their experiences or environment, they are influenced by them over a period of time so that they do certain things or think in a particular way. (Ex.: We are all conditioned by early impressions and experiences... You have been conditioned to believe that it is weak to be scared... I just feel women are conditioned into doing housework. ...a conditioned response.); To condition your hair or skin means to put something on it which will keep it in good condition. (Ex.: ...a protein which is excellent for conditioning dry and damaged hair.); If you say that someone is in no condition to do something, you mean that they are too ill, upset, or drunk to do it. (Ex.: She was clearly in no condition to see anyone.); When you agree to do something on condition that something else happens, you mean that you will only do it if this other thing also happens. (Ex.: He spoke to reporters on condition that he was not identified.); If someone is out of condition, they are unhealthy and unfit, because they do not do enough exercise. (Ex.: He was too out of condition to clamber over the top.) La. is a written abbreviation for lane, and is used especially in addresses and on maps or signs. (Ex.: Andy’s Records, 14-16 Lower Goat La., Norwich.)

Толкование слова на русском: СОФОКЛ (ок . 496-406 до н. э.), древнегреческий поэт-драматург, один из трех великих представителей античной трагедии, занимающий по времени жизни и характеру творчества место между Эсхилом и Еврипидом. Мировоззрение и мастерство Софокла отмечены стремлением к равновесию нового и старого: славя мощь свободного человека, предостерегал против нарушения "божеских законов", т. е. традиционных религиозных и гражданских норм жизни; усложняя психологические характеристики, сохранял общую монументальность образов и композиции. Трагедии Софокла ("Эдип-царь", "Антигона", "Электра" и др.) - классический образец жанра. ЭЛЕКТРОПРОВОДНОСТЬ (проводимость) , способность веществ проводить электрический ток, обусловленная наличием в них подвижных заряженных частиц (носителей заряда) - электроионов, ионов и др., а также физическая величина (v), количественно характеризующая эту способность. Величина 1/v называется удельным электрическим сопротивлением.

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