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Изучаемое слово: hokey-pokey
Перевод на русский: сильная струя

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: A period is a length of time. (Ex.: This crisis might last for a long period of time. ...a period of a few months. ...for a limited period only.); A period in the life of a person, organization, or society is a length of time which is remembered for a particular situation or activity. (Ex.: ...a period of economic good health and expansion... He went through a period of wanting to be accepted... The South African years were his most creative period.); A particular length of time in history is sometimes called a period. For example, you can talk about the Victorian period or the Elizabethan period in Britain. (Ex.: ...the Roman period... No reference to their existence appears in any literature of the period.); Period costumes, furniture, and instruments were made at an earlier time in history, or look as if they were made then. (Ex.: ...dressed in full period costume.); Exercise, training, or study periods are lengths of time that are set aside for exercise, training, or study. (Ex.: They accompanied him during his exercise periods.); At a school or college, a period is one of the parts that the day is divided into during which lessons or other activities take place. (Ex.: ...periods of private study.); When a woman has a period, she bleeds from her womb. This usually happens once a month, unless she is pregnant.; Some people say period after stating a fact or opinion when they want to emphasize that they are definite about something and do not want to discuss it further. (Ex.: I don’t want to do it, period.); A period is the punctuation mark () which you use at the end of a sentence when it is not a question or an exclamation. A peony is a medium-sized garden plant which has large round flowers, usually pink, red, or white.

Толкование слова на русском: ДАНДИ (Dundee) , город в Великобритании, в Шотландии, порт в зал. Форт-оф-Тей Северного м., административный центр р-на Тейсайд. 172 тыс. жителей (1991). Текстильная, машиностроительная, полиграфическая, пищевая промышленность. Университет. "ПЕТРОЛЕОС МЕХИКАНОС" (Petroleos Mexicanos) ("Пемекс" , "Pemex"), мексиканская государственная нефтегазовая и нефтехимическая компания. Основана в 1938. Объем продаж 13,1 млрд. долл., чистая прибыль 571 млн. долл., число занятых 171 тыс. человек, добыча нефти 125 млн. т (кон. 1980-х гг.).

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