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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык вместе)

Изучаемое английское слово: gummy

Краткий перевод нового слова на русский язык: кавасаки (Обр.пер.- kawasaki)

Этот перевод может быть ошибочным. Это все потому, что точность вашего перевода зависит от контента вашего текста. В данном случае мы советуем использовать варианты перевода с умом в зависимости от исходного текста. Если у вас выявятся проблемы с качеством перевода, рекомендуем связаться с переводчиком проконсультироваться с переводчиком, или применить сервисы машинного перевода.

Ассоциированное со словом изображение:

учим слово gummy

Толкование изучаемого слова на английском: If something shows that a state of affairs exists, it gives information that proves it or makes it clear to people. (Ex.: Research shows that a high-fibre diet may protect you from bowel cancer... These figures show an increase of over one million in unemployment... It was only later that the drug was shown to be addictive... You’ll be given regular blood tests to show whether you have been infected.); If a picture, chart, film, or piece of writing shows something, it represents it or gives information about it. (Ex.: Figure 4.1 shows the respiratory system... The cushions, shown left, measure 20 x 12 inches and cost $39.95... Much of the film shows the painter simply going about his task... Our photograph shows how the plants will turn out.); If you show someone something, you give it to them, take them to it, or point to it, so that they can see it or know what you are referring to. (Ex.: Cut out this article and show it to your bank manager... He showed me the flat he shares with Esther... I showed them where the gun was...); If you show someone to a room or seat, you lead them there. (Ex.: Let me show you to my study... I’ll show you the way.); If you show someone how to do something, you do it yourself so that they can watch you and learn how to do it. (Ex.: Claire showed us how to make a chocolate roulade... Dr. Reichert has shown us a new way to look at those behavior problems.); If something shows or if you show it, it is visible or noticeable. (Ex.: His beard was just beginning to show signs of grey... Faint glimmers of daylight were showing through the treetops...); If you show a particular attitude, quality, or feeling, or if it shows, you behave in a way that makes this attitude, quality, or feeling clear to other people. (Ex.: She showed no interest in her children... Ferguson was unhappy and it showed... You show me respect... Mr Clarke has shown himself to be resolutely opposed to compromise... The baby was tugging at his coat to show that he wanted to be picked up.); If something shows a quality or characteristic or if that quality or characteristic shows itself, it can be noticed or observed. (Ex.: The story shows a strong narrative gift and a vivid eye for detail... How else did his hostility to women show itself?); A show of a feeling or quality is an attempt by someone to make it clear that they have that feeling or quality. (Ex.: Miners gathered in the centre of Bucharest in a show of support for the government...); If you say that something is for show, you mean that it has no real purpose and is done just to give a good impression. (Ex.: The change in government is more for show than for real...); If a company shows a profit or a loss, its accounts indicate that it has made a profit or a loss. (Ex.: It is the only one of the three companies expected to show a profit for the quarter...); If a person you are expecting to meet does not show, they do not arrive at the place where you expect to meet them. (Ex.: There was always a chance he wouldn’t show. We waited until five o’clock, but he did not show up...); A television or radio show is a programme on television or radio. (Ex.: I had my own TV show... This is the show in which Loyd Grossman visits the houses of the famous. ...a popular talk show on a Cuban radio station...); A show in a theatre is an entertainment or concert, especially one that includes different items such as music, dancing, and comedy. (Ex.: How about going shopping and seeing a show in London?...); If someone shows a film or television programme, it is broadcast or appears on television or in the cinema. (Ex.: The BBC World Service Television news showed the same film clip... American films are showing at Moscow’s cinemas.); A show is a public exhibition of things, such as works of art, fashionable clothes, or things that have been entered in a competition. (Ex.: The venue for the show is Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre Hall... Two complementary exhibitions are on show at the Africa Centre...); To show things such as works of art means to put them in an exhibition where they can be seen by the public. (Ex.: 50 dealers will show oils, watercolours, drawings and prints from 1900 to 1992.); A show home, house, or flat is one of a group of new homes. The building company decorates it and puts furniture in it, and people who want to buy one of the homes come and look round it.; If a question is decided by a show of hands, people vote on it by raising their hands to indicate whether they vote yes or no. (Ex.: Parliamentary leaders agreed to take all such decisions by a show of hands... Russell then asked for a show of hands concerning each of the targets.); If you have something to show for your efforts, you have achieved something as a result of what you have done. (Ex.: I’m nearly 31 and it’s about time I had something to show for my time in my job...); You can say ‘I’ll show you’ to threaten or warn someone that you are going to make them admit that they are wrong. (Ex.: She shook her fist. ‘I’ll show you,’ she said...); If you say it just goes to show or it just shows that something is the case, you mean that what you have just said or experienced demonstrates that it is the case. (Ex.: This just goes to show that getting good grades in school doesn’t mean you’re clever...); If you say that someone steals the show, you mean that they get a lot of attention or praise because they perform better than anyone else in a show or other event. (Ex.: Brad Pitt steals the show as the young man doomed by his zest for life.) Journalists use hawkish to describe politicians or governments who are in favour of using force to achieve something, rather than using peaceful and diplomatic methods. (Ex.: He is one of the most hawkish members of the new cabinet.)

Толкование нового слова на русском: ПОВЕРХНОСТНО-АКТИВНЫЕ ВЕЩЕСТВА (ПАВ) , химические соединения, способные адсорбироваться на границе раздела фаз, одна из которых обычно вода, и снижать поверхностное натяжение. Молекулы ПАВ состоят из углеводородного радикала (от 4 до 20 СН2-групп) и полярной группы (ОН, СООН, NH2, SO3H и др.). Т. н. ионогенные ПАВ диссоциируют в растворе на катионы и анионы, одни из которых обладают поверхностной активностью, другие (противоионы) нет. Соответственно различают катионактивные, анионактивные и амфотерные (амфолитные) ПАВ. Молекулы неионогенных ПАВ сохраняют в растворе электрическую нейтральность. ПАВ регулируют смачивание, облегчают диспергирование, повышают или понижают устойчивость суспензий, эмульсий, пен. Используются как моющие средства, флотореагенты, ингибиторы коррозии металлов, коагулянты и т. п. ЧЕЛЮСКИН МЫС , северная оконечность п-ова Таймыр и самая северная точка материка Евразии (77 °43' с. ш. и 104 °18' в. д.). Полярная станция (с 1932). Достигнут впервые участником 2-й Камчатской (Великой Северной) экспедиции С. И. Челюскиным в 1742.

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