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немецко русский словарь переводчик
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Изучаемое слово: furlong
Перевод на русский: [i'feis];стирать (Обр.пер.- wipe/rub off/out);вычёркивать;изглаживать;Syn: obliterate, erase

Ассоциированная картинка:

Компания SmartShake основана Микаэлем Нильссоном, который придумал саму идею создания непротекаемого шейкера из высококачественных и нетоксичных материалов, который сочетал бы в себе целый ряд функций, в том числе хранение протеина и капсул. В течение длительного времени Микаэль не мог найти компанию, которая заинтересовалась бы его шейкерами. Он пытался договориться с 40 компаниями в Швеции и вот, в конце 2009 года первая версия SmartShake была выпущена, которая имела большой успех на фитнес выставке в Швеции. В конце 2010 года SmartShake был представлен в США, после чего компания SmartShake заключила контракты с всемирно известными бодибилдерами, победителями Олимпии.
Толкование слова на английском: Note: In addition to the uses shown below, 'onto' is used in phrasal verbs such as ‘hold onto’ and ‘latch onto’.; If something moves or is put onto an object or surface, it is then on that object or surface. (Ex.: I took my bags inside, lowered myself onto the bed and switched on the TV... Smear Vaseline on to your baby’s skin to prevent soreness.); You can sometimes use onto to mention the place or area that someone moves into. (Ex.: The players emerged onto the field... Alex turned his car on to the Albert Quay and drove along until he found a parking place.); You can use onto to introduce the place towards which a light or someone’s look is directed. (Ex.: ...the metal part of the door onto which the sun had been shining... ...the house with its leafy garden and its view on to Regent’s Park.); You can use onto to introduce a place that you would immediately come to after leaving another place that you have just mentioned, because they are next to each other. (Ex.: ...windows opening onto carved black-wood balconies... The door opened onto a lighted hallway.); When you change the position of your body, you use onto to introduce the part your body which is now supporting you. (Ex.: As he stepped backwards she fell onto her knees, then onto her face... I willed my eyes to open and heaved myself over on to my back.); When you get onto a bus, train, or plane, you enter it in order to travel somewhere. (Ex.: As he got on to the plane, he asked me how I was feeling... ‘I’ll see you onto the train.’—‘Thank you.’); Onto is used after verbs such as ‘hold’, ‘hang’, and ‘cling’ to indicate what someone is holding firmly or where something is being held firmly. (Ex.: The reflector is held onto the sides of the spacecraft with a frame... She was conscious of a second man hanging on to the rail...); If people who are talking get onto a different subject, they begin talking about it. (Ex.: Let’s get on to more important matters... So, if we could just move onto something else?); You can sometimes use onto to indicate that something or someone becomes included as a part of a list or system. (Ex.: The Macedonian question had failed to get on to the agenda... The pill itself has changed a lot since it first came onto the market... Twelve thousand workers will go onto a four-day week at their factory in Birmingham.); If someone is onto something, they are about to discover something important. (Ex.: He leaned across the table and whispered to me, ‘I’m really onto something.’... Archaeologists knew they were onto something big when they started digging.); If someone is onto you, they have discovered that you are doing something illegal or wrong. (Ex.: I had told people what he had been doing, so now the police were onto him.) {elegant}

Толкование слова на русском: ИОНИЧЕСКОЕ МОРЕ , часть Средиземного м. к югу от Адриатического м., между Балканским и Апеннинским п-овами и о-вами Крит и Сицилия. Площадь 169 тыс. км2, наибольшая глубина 5121 м. Рыболовство. Основные порты: Патры, Керкира, Таранто, Катания. МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ АСТРОНОМИЧЕСКИЙ СОЮЗ (МАС) , основан в 1919. Входит в МСНС.

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