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Изучаемое слово: ficelle
Перевод на русский: фиксированное членство

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: {wise} Something that is hot has a high temperature. (Ex.: When the oil is hot, add the sliced onion... What he needed was a hot bath and a good sleep...); Hot is used to describe the weather or the air in a room or building when the temperature is high. (Ex.: It was too hot even for a gentle stroll... It was a hot, humid summer day...); If you are hot, you feel as if your body is at an unpleasantly high temperature. (Ex.: I was too hot and tired to eat more than a few mouthfuls...); You can say that food is hot when it has a strong, burning taste caused by chillies, pepper, or ginger. (Ex.: ...hot curries. ...a dish that’s spicy but not too hot.); A hot issue or topic is one that is very important at the present time and is receiving a lot of publicity. (Ex.: The role of women in war has been a hot topic of debate in America since the Gulf conflict.); Hot news is new, recent, and fresh. (Ex.: ...eight pages of the latest movies, video releases and the hot news from Tinseltown.); You can use hot to describe something that is very exciting and that many people want to see, use, obtain, or become involved with. (Ex.: The hottest show in town was the Monet Exhibition at the Art Institute...); You can use hot to describe something that no one wants to deal with, often because it has been illegally obtained and is very valuable or famous. (Ex.: If too much publicity is given to the theft of important works, the works will become too hot to handle and be destroyed.); You can describe a situation that is created by a person’s behaviour or attitude as hot when it is unpleasant and difficult to deal with. (Ex.: When the streets get too hot for them, they head south in one stolen car after another.); A hot contest is one that is intense and involves a great deal of activity and determination. (Ex.: It took hot competition from abroad, however, to show us just how good Scottish cashmere really is.); If a person or team is the hot favourite, people think that they are the one most likely to win a race or competition. (Ex.: Atlantic City is the hot favourite to stage the fight.); Someone who has a hot temper gets angry very quickly and easily. (Ex.: His hot temper was making it increasingly difficult for others to work with him.); If someone blows hot and cold, they keep changing their attitude towards something, sometimes being very enthusiastic and at other times expressing no interest at all. (Ex.: The media, meanwhile, has blown hot and cold on the affair.); If you are hot and bothered, you are so worried and anxious that you cannot think clearly or behave sensibly. (Ex.: Ray was getting very hot and bothered about the idea.); If you say that one person has the hots for another, you mean that they feel a strong sexual attraction to that person. (Ex.: I’ve had the hots for him ever since he came to college.)

Толкование слова на русском: ПАНФЕРОВ Федор Иванович (1896-1960) , русский писатель. Роман "Бруски" (книги 1-4, 1928-37) - о коллективизации; трилогия "Волга-матушка река" (1958-60). Автобиографическая повесть "Родное прошлое" (1956). Главный редактор журнала "Октябрь" (1931-60). Государственная премия СССР (1948, 1949). ЛАМПА-ВСПЫШКА , импульсный одноразовый источник света, применявшийся при фотосъемке. Стеклянная колба, наполненная кислородом и фольгой (обычно алюминиевой), которая, воспламеняясь (от нити накаливания, подключенной к источнику тока), дает кратковременную вспышку света. Современная разновидность лампы-вспышки - лампа-"кубик" из прозрачной пластмассы, содержащая 4 (по числу граней) миниатюрные колбы с горючей смесью (обеспечивает 4 вспышки).

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