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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: customer
Перевод на русский: Восток, страны Востока;высший сорт жемчуга

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: Back-slapping is noisy, cheerful behaviour which people use in order to show affection or appreciation to each other.; Back-slapping is also an adjective. (Ex.: Scott breaks away from his back-slapping admirers.) When an object such as a ball bounces or when you bounce it, it moves upwards from a surface or away from it immediately after hitting it. (Ex.: I bounced a ball against the house... My father would burst into the kitchen bouncing a football. ...a falling pebble, bouncing down the eroded cliff... They watched the dodgem cars bang and bounce.) Bounce is also a noun. (Ex.: The wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball.); If sound or light bounces off a surface or is bounced off it, it reaches the surface and is reflected back. (Ex.: Your arms and legs need protection from light bouncing off glass... They work by bouncing microwaves off solid objects.); If something bounces or if something bounces it, it swings or moves up and down. (Ex.: Her long black hair bounced as she walked... Then I noticed the car was bouncing up and down as if someone were jumping on it... The wind was bouncing the branches of the big oak trees.); If you bounce on a soft surface, you jump up and down on it repeatedly. (Ex.: She lets us do anything, even bounce on our beds.); If someone bounces somewhere, they move there in an energetic way, because they are feeling happy. (Ex.: Moira bounced into the office.); If you bounce your ideas off someone, you tell them to that person, in order to find out what they think about them. (Ex.: It was good to bounce ideas off another mind... Let’s bounce a few ideas around.); If a cheque bounces or if a bank bounces it, the bank refuses to accept it and pay out the money, because the person who wrote it does not have enough money in their account. (Ex.: Our only complaint would be if the cheque bounced... His bank wrongly bounced cheques worth ?75,000.); If an e-mail or other electronic message bounces, it is returned to the person who sent it because the address was wrong or because of a problem with one of the computers involved in sending it.

Толкование слова на русском: ГЛАВНАЯ ГЕОФИЗИЧЕСКАЯ ОБСЕРВАТОРИЯ имени А . И. Воейкова (ГГО), основана в 1849 в Санкт-Петербурге. До 1924 Главная физическая обсерватория. Руководит сетью наземных метеорологических станций. Исследования: динамическая метеорология, климатология, физика атмосферы и др. РЕДИФ (араб .), термин поэтики народов Востока. Слово (краткий редиф) или группа слов (развернутый редиф), повторяющиеся в неизменной форме в конце стихотворной строки.

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