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Изучаемое слово: competition
Перевод на русский: в северо-восточном направлении;к северо-востоку;расположенный на северо-востоке;северо-восток

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If you unbuckle something such as a belt or a shoe, you undo the buckle fastening it. (Ex.: He unbuckled his seat belt...) None of something means not even a small amount of it. None of a group of people or things means not even one of them. (Ex.: She did none of the maintenance on the vehicle itself... None of us knew how to treat her.) None is also a pronoun. (Ex.: I turned to bookshops and libraries seeking information and found none... No one could imagine a great woman painter. None had existed yet... Only two cars produced by Austin-Morris could reach 100 mph and none could pass the 10-second acceleration test.); If you say that someone will have none of something, or is having none of something, you mean that they refuse to accept it. (Ex.: He knew his own mind and was having none of their attempts to keep him at home.); You use none too in front of an adjective or adverb in order to emphasize that the quality mentioned is not present. (Ex.: He was none too thrilled to hear from me at that hour... Her hand grasped my shoulder, none too gently.); You use none the to say that someone or something does not have any more of a particular quality than they did before. (Ex.: You could end up committed to yet another savings scheme and none the wiser about managing your finances... He became convinced that his illness was purely imaginary: that made it none the better.)

Толкование слова на русском: ФЕДОРОВСКОЕ МЕСТОРОЖДЕНИЕ нефтяное , в Российской Федерации, Тюменская обл., вблизи Сургута (Западно-Сибирская нефтегазоносная провинция). Открыто в 1971. Залежи на глубине 1,8-2,3 км. Начальный дебит скважин 17-310 т/сут. Плотность нефти 0,86-0,90 г/см3. ФРИД Григорий Самуилович (р . 1915), композитор, заслуженный деятель искусств России (1986). Монооперы "Дневник Анны Франк" (1969), "Письма Ван Гога" (1975) и др.

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