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Изучаемое слово: cherry
Перевод на русский: [l?:'dei??n];панегирик (Обр.пер.- panegyric);восхваление (Обр.пер.- praise);Syn: praise, commendation

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Толкование слова на английском: Note: In American English the form 'fit' is used in the present tense and sometimes also as the past tense and past participle of the verb.; If something fits, it is the right size and shape to go onto a person’s body or onto a particular object. (Ex.: The sash, kimono, and other garments were made to fit a child... She has to go to the men’s department to find trousers that fit at the waist... Line a tin with lightly-greased greaseproof paper, making sure the corners fit well.); If something is a good fit, it fits well. (Ex.: Eventually he was happy that the sills and doors were a reasonably good fit.); If you are fitted for a particular piece of clothing, you try it on so that the person who is making it can see where it needs to be altered. (Ex.: She was being fitted for her wedding dress.); If something fits somewhere, it can be put there or is designed to be put there. (Ex.: ...a pocket computer which is small enough to fit into your pocket... He folded his long legs to fit under the table...); If you fit something into a particular space or place, you put it there. (Ex.: She fitted her key in the lock... When the crown has been made you go back and the dentist will fit it into place.); If you fit something somewhere, you attach it there, or put it there carefully and securely. (Ex.: Fit hinge bolts to give extra support to the door lock... Peter had built the overhead ladders, and the next day he fitted them to the wall...); If something fits something else or fits into it, it goes together well with that thing or is able to be part of it. (Ex.: Her daughter doesn’t fit the current feminine ideal... Fostering is a full-time job and you should carefully consider how it will fit into your career... There’s something about the way he talks of her that doesn’t fit.); You can say that something fits a particular person or thing when it is appropriate or suitable for them or it. (Ex.: The punishment must always fit the crime.); If something is fit for a particular purpose, it is suitable for that purpose. (Ex.: Of the seven bicycles we had, only two were fit for the road. ...safety measures intended to reassure consumers that the meat is fit to eat...); If someone is fit to do something, they have the appropriate qualities or skills that will allow them to do it. (Ex.: You’re not fit to be a mother!... He was not a fit companion for their skipper that particular morning.); If something fits someone for a particular task or role, it makes them good enough or suitable for it. (Ex.: ...a man whose past experience fits him for the top job in education... It is not a person’s gender that fits them to be a vicar but what is in their hearts.); If you say that someone sees fit to do something, you mean that they are entitled to do it, but that you disapprove of their decision to do it. (Ex.: He’s not a friend, you say, yet you saw fit to lend him money.); Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.; Someone who is fit is healthy and physically strong. (Ex.: An averagely fit person can master easy ski runs within a few days.); If someone has a fit they suddenly lose consciousness and their body makes uncontrollable movements. (Ex.: About two in every five epileptic fits occur during sleep...); If you have a fit of coughing or laughter, you suddenly start coughing or laughing in an uncontrollable way. (Ex.: Halfway down the cigarette she had a fit of coughing...); If you do something in a fit of anger or panic, you are very angry or afraid when you do it. (Ex.: Pattie shot Tom in a fit of jealous rage.); If you say that someone will have a fit when they hear about something, you mean that they will be very angry or shocked. (Ex.: He’d have a fit if he knew what we were up to!); Something that happens in fits and starts or by fits and starts keeps happening and then stopping again. (Ex.: My slimming attempts tend to go in fits and starts... Military technology advances by fits and starts.) If you describe something that someone says or does as ill-considered, you mean that it is not sensible or not appropriate. (Ex.: He made some ill-considered remarks about the cost.)

Толкование слова на русском: ЛАСТМАН (Lastman) Питер (1583-1633) , нидерландский живописец. Библейские и мифологические композиции, трактованные в жанровом духе. СОКОЛИНЫЕ , семейство отряда хищных птиц. Длина 15,2-66 см. Несколько родов, ок. 60 видов, из которых большинство относится к роду соколов. Распространены широко (исключая Антарктику), но большинство - в тропиках Юж. Америки и Юж. Азии.

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