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Словарь в картинках (учим английский язык)

Изучаемое слово: cany
Перевод на русский: серебро (Обр.пер.- silver)

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: A trackpad is a flat pad on some computers that you slide your finger over in order to move the cursor. (Ex.: ...with enhancements like a trackpad instead of a trackball.) A ball is a round object that is used in games such as tennis, baseball, football, basketball, and cricket. (Ex.: ...a golf ball. ...a tennis ball.); A ball is something or an amount of something that has a round shape. (Ex.: Thomas screwed the letter up into a ball... They heard a loud explosion and saw a ball of fire go up.); When you ball something or when it balls, it becomes round. (Ex.: He picked up the sheets of paper, and balled them tightly in his fists... His hands balled into fists...); The ball of your foot or the ball of your thumb is the rounded part where your toes join your foot or where your thumb joins your hand.; A ball is a large formal social event at which people dance.; A man’s balls are his testicles.; If you say that the ball is in someone’s court, you mean that it is his or her responsibility to take the next action or decision in a situation. (Ex.: The ball’s now in your court–you have to decide what you’re going to do.); If you get the ball rolling, set the ball rolling, or start the ball rolling, you start something happening. (Ex.: He will go to the Middle East next week to get the ball rolling again on peace talks...); If someone is on the ball, they are very alert and aware of what is happening. (Ex.: She really is on the ball; she’s bought houses at auctions so she knows what she’s doing.); If someone refuses to play ball, they are unwilling to do what someone wants them to do. (Ex.: The association has threatened to withdraw its support if the banks and building societies refuse to play ball.)

Толкование слова на русском: БЕЛОВО , город (с 1938) в Российской Федерации, Кемеровская обл., в Кузбассе, на р. Бачат. Железнодорожная станция. 92,3 тыс. жителей (1992). Заводы: цинковый, "Кузбассрадио", литейно-механический. Предприятия легкой и мясо-молочной промышленности. ГРЭС. Известен с 1726. ОРХЕСТРА (греч . orchestra, от orcheomai - танцую), основная часть театрального здания в Др. Греции; окаймленная амфитеатром площадка, на которой выступали хор и актеры.

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