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немецко русский словарь переводчик
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Изучаемое слово: camp
Перевод на русский: двуяйцевый близнец

Ассоциированная картинка:

Толкование слова на английском: If something precludes an event or action, it prevents the event or action from happening. (Ex.: At 84, John feels his age precludes too much travel...); If something precludes you from doing something or going somewhere, it prevents you from doing it or going there. (Ex.: A constitutional amendment precludes any president from serving more than two terms...) If you escape from a place, you succeed in getting away from it. (Ex.: A prisoner has escaped from a jail in northern England... They are reported to have escaped to the other side of the border... He was fatally wounded as he tried to escape.); Someone’s escape is the act of escaping from a particular place or situation. (Ex.: The man made his escape.); You can say that you escape when you survive something such as an accident. (Ex.: The two officers were extremely lucky to escape serious injury... The man’s girlfriend managed to escape unhurt... He narrowly escaped with his life when suspected right-wing extremists fired shots into his office.) Escape is also a noun. (Ex.: I hear you had a very narrow escape on the bridge.); If something is an escape, it is a way of avoiding difficulties or responsibilities. (Ex.: But for me television is an escape. ...an escape from the depressing realities of wartime.); You can use escape to describe things which allow you to avoid difficulties or problems. For example, an escape route is an activity or opportunity that lets you improve your situation. An escape clause is part of an agreement that allows you to avoid having to do something that you do not want to do. (Ex.: We all need the occasional escape route from the boring, routine aspects of our lives... This has, in fact, turned out to be a wonderful escape clause for dishonest employers everywhere.); If something escapes you or escapes your attention, you do not know about it, do not remember it, or do not notice it. (Ex.: It was an actor whose name escapes me for the moment...); When gas, liquid, or heat escapes, it comes out from a pipe, container, or place. (Ex.: Leave a vent open to let some moist air escape.)

Толкование слова на русском: ТЕЛЕСКОПИЧЕСКАЯ АНТЕННА , приемная или передающая антенна, элементы которой (напр., плечи вибраторов) выполняются в виде раздвижной системы металлических трубок. Используются в радиоприемниках, приемопередающих радиостанциях и др. - переносных и устанавливаемых на движущихся объектах (напр., автомобилях). ЭНЦИКЛИКА (от греч . enkyklios - круговой, общий), послание римского папы ко всем католикам или к католическому духовенству по вопросам вероучения, нравственным, общественно-политическим проблемам.

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