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Изучаемое слово: brazil
Перевод на русский: (автом.) сверлозаточный станок;(ж.д.) точильный станок для свёрл;(тех.) станок для заточки свёрл

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Толкование слова на английском: Satay is pieces of meat cooked on thin sticks and served with a peanut sauce. (Ex.: ...chicken satay.) If you have a shock, something suddenly happens which is unpleasant, upsetting, or very surprising. (Ex.: The extent of the violence came as a shock... He has never recovered from the shock of your brother’s death...); Shock is a person’s emotional and physical condition when something very frightening or upsetting has happened to them. (Ex.: She’s still in a state of shock.); If someone is in shock, they are suffering from a serious physical condition in which their blood is not flowing round their body properly, for example because they have had a bad injury. (Ex.: They escaped the blaze but were rushed to hospital suffering from shock.); If something shocks you, it makes you feel very upset, because it involves death or suffering and because you had not expected it. (Ex.: After forty years in the police force nothing much shocks me...); If someone or something shocks you, it upsets or offends you because you think it is rude or morally wrong. (Ex.: You can’t shock me... They were easily shocked in those days... We were always trying to be creative and to shock.); A shock announcement or event is one which shocks people because it is unexpected. (Ex.: ...the shock announcement that she is to resign. ...a shock defeat.); A shock is the force of something suddenly hitting or pulling something else. (Ex.: Steel barriers can bend and absorb the shock.); A shock is the same as an electric shock.; A shock of hair is a very thick mass of hair on a person’s head. (Ex.: ...a very old priest with a shock of white hair.)

Толкование слова на русском: ФРЕЙБЕРГ , см. Фрайберг. СТЕРКУЛИЕВЫЕ , семейство двудольных растений. Деревья и кустарники, реже травы. Св. 700 видов (60 родов), преимущественно в тропиках. В России только в культуре. Среди стеркулиевых хозяйственно важные (шоколадное дерево, или какао, кола) и декоративные (стеркулия и др.) растения.

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