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турбина мазда сх-7

Изучаемое слово: affectation
Перевод на русский: турбина мазда сх-7

Толкование слова на английском: {peacemaker} If you try to do something, you want to do it, and you take action which you hope will help you to do it. (Ex.: He secretly tried to block her advancement in the Party... Does it annoy you if others do things less well than you would, or don’t seem to try hard enough?... I tried calling him when I got here but he wasn’t at home... No matter how bad you feel, keep trying.) Try is also a noun. (Ex.: It wasn’t that she’d really expected to get any money out of him; it had just seemed worth a try...); To try and do something means to try to do it. (Ex.: I must try and see him.); If you try for something, you make an effort to get it or achieve it. (Ex.: My partner and I have been trying for a baby for two years... He said he was going to try for first place next year.); If you try something new or different, you use it, do it, or experience it in order to discover its qualities or effects. (Ex.: It’s best not to try a new recipe for the first time on such an important occasion... I have tried painting the young shoots with weed poisoner, but this does not kill them off.) Try is also a noun. (Ex.: If you’re still sceptical about exercising, we can only ask you to trust us and give it a try.); If you try a particular place or person, you go to that place or person because you think that they may be able to provide you with what you want. (Ex.: Have you tried the local music shops?); If you try a door or window, you try to open it. (Ex.: Bob tried the door. To his surprise it opened.); When a person is tried, he or she has to appear in a law court and is found innocent or guilty after the judge and jury have heard the evidence. When a legal case is tried, it is considered in a court of law. (Ex.: He suggested that those responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity... Whether he is innocent or guilty is a decision that will be made when the case is tried in court... The military court which tried him excluded two of his lawyers...); In the game of rugby, a try is the action of scoring by putting the ball down behind the goal line of the opposing team. (Ex.: The French, who led 21-3 at half time, scored eight tries.); If you say that something fails but not for want of trying or not for lack of trying, you mean that everything possible was done to make it succeed. (Ex.: Not all is perfect, but it isn’t for want of trying.)

Толкование слова на русском: ФЛАНЕЦ (от нем . Flansch), соединительная часть труб, резервуаров, валов и др., выполняемая, как правило, заодно с основной деталью; обычно плоское кольцо или диск с отверстиями под болты или шпильки. Обеспечивает герметичность или (и) прочность соединения. ЛАМ (Lam) Вильфредо (1902-83) , художник. По происхождению кубинец Жил и работал в Испании, Франции, на Кубе и в Италии. Приверженец сюрреализма, соединил влияния европейского художественного авангарда с традициями афроамериканского фольклора. В его живописи доминирует мотив тропического леса, полного сказочных существ, вызванных воображением "художника-мага".

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